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Kiss of Heaven Photography also specializes in portrait, event, pet, graduation, and business promotion photography, providing clients with the opportunity to capture their special moments with beautiful and natural photographs. Whether you are searching for a perfect portrait of yourself, want to remember your special event, or want to capture your proud graduation day, Kiss of Heaven Photography can capture your treasured memories with the highest level of quality. 

Portrait Portfolio

Business Promotion Photography

Videography Service

Our business promotion photography and videography service are the perfect tool to capture and promote your business or your special event. Our team will create beautiful and ready photos and videos to help with your marketing efforts. Our photos and videos will showcase your business and/or your event in the best light possible, so you can promote your services and products in an effective and captivating way. 

Animal Photographer  in Sammamish, WA

Our dog and horse photography service are  dedicated to capturing the unique personalities of your beloved pets in beautiful and creative photographs. We are passionate about creating timeless memories of your furry friends that you can cherish for years to come. You can read more info or book a session for your dog photography by clicking the below button.

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