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Fine art nature photograph of Tatoosh Range during the Fall Season at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington, USA

Path To Peace


The sun was almost gone, and I hadn’t taken one shot that I could be proud of. I felt like a failure. My plan of capturing some beautiful images at Mt. Rainier National Park seemed to be vanishing again. As I was walking back on this path to our car, many negative thoughts about myself and my family flowed through my mind. Then, something magical happened. I looked up into the sky over the fall-colored scenery and saw the most amazing colors in the sky and a beautiful crescent moon. I was in awe. It was beyond what I could have planned for. The smoke from wildfires that were burning must have intensified the colors in the sky. In that moment, all the negative thoughts I had flushed out of my mind and was replaced with indescribable peace. I paused and took this photograph returning home with that peace. May you find this path to peace.

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